Important info

Race Day is April 16th, 2011
9 am is the ride start time.

This may be obvious but I need to state the necessary things for riders to have with you on the ride. I won't be checking you over, but if you're missing one of these pieces you may find yourself stranded.

  1. Cycling computer with trip distance functions.
  2. Helmet. Don't be an idiot and show up without a helmet. No one wants to call the cops trying to describe where they are and have a helicopter come to pick you up because you smashed your head wide open.
  3. Handle bar map case. Cyco Active makes a sweet map case that Peak Sports will be stocking.
  4. Cash. I'm pretty sure the Burnt Woods and Summit general store take credit, but cash is universal and a safe bet for a small transaction, plus it comes in handy as a tire boot or home made bandage.


This is in no way a race more of a friendly uncompetitive group ride. It will be officially conducted as a group ride and until further notice will require riders to acquire their own Starker Forest use permit.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


This weekend I went out both Saturday and Sunday in exploration. Figured out a pretty straight forward route and we'll be passing by another general store which should allow most of us to fuel up just in case we passed up the first store.

The roads this weekend were wet, soft, and icy in spots. Both rides covered me in mud and road grime. One plus of both rides, my new Showers Pass jacket did awesome, kept me dry and warm. My Lake boots however got soaked both rides. The views from these rides were great. Long rolling ridge lines, swollen creeks, snow mingling with green ferns and moss covered trees. It's no rolling fields of corn and soy beans, but the smells here help weigh in Oregon's beauty.

Another thing I have left out in my previous posts, a "ride" day date. April 16th is the day I have chosen. For those of you interested in riding the Mudslinger this would make for a great training ride. ;)

PS. would you like to see what the route will be?

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