Important info

Race Day is April 16th, 2011
9 am is the ride start time.

This may be obvious but I need to state the necessary things for riders to have with you on the ride. I won't be checking you over, but if you're missing one of these pieces you may find yourself stranded.

  1. Cycling computer with trip distance functions.
  2. Helmet. Don't be an idiot and show up without a helmet. No one wants to call the cops trying to describe where they are and have a helicopter come to pick you up because you smashed your head wide open.
  3. Handle bar map case. Cyco Active makes a sweet map case that Peak Sports will be stocking.
  4. Cash. I'm pretty sure the Burnt Woods and Summit general store take credit, but cash is universal and a safe bet for a small transaction, plus it comes in handy as a tire boot or home made bandage.


This is in no way a race more of a friendly uncompetitive group ride. It will be officially conducted as a group ride and until further notice will require riders to acquire their own Starker Forest use permit.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lost town in the hills

Just a reminder I need those post cards so I can start creating route sheets for all riders.

On Sunday I went out for a ride with Gregg and two guys from Team Dirt. Our ride started at Fort Hoskins and we rode out to Valsetz. What a great ride it was. The road was a well traveled dirt road following the Lukamute river with some great views. The ride offered some good conversation, mutual appreciation for the views, and having riding buddies made it a little more enjoyable.

I've wanted to go to Valsetz ever since I had heard of it. The idea that a hustling bustling town was completely obliterated is so hard for me to understand. Visiting the Adair Military Base is a weird place, but the choice for the military to close up shop and move else where is understandable and a common occurrence in our nation's history. The fact that here was a town in a little valley miles away from another town where there were over 2,000 people living here complete with a two lane bowling alley and a gas station and then one day the logging company just up and closed the town. Couldn't they have closed the mill and just let the town exist and do its own thing?

Well if you have the chance take a look at the website I hyper linked on the first occurrence of "Valsetz,"its pretty neat to look at all the old time pictures.

I think I need to go back and explore more and see what's left of the town. Maybe there are some lost artifacts or something there to tell a story about the life in Valsetz.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The route has been completed

I did the last of the recon today. Pretty tough ride for a single speed. As long as it was flat and smooth things were great. Once the route changed to soft dirt road things slowed down, but were still good, then the road turned into double track with golf ball to fist sized rocks laid every 20 feet or so in small groupings. I've ridden some of this portion of the route before and a geared cross bike handles it well, but maybe I'm a little ambitious with a 46x20 geared SS.

So I followed my planned route but soon realized the map I had showed some roads that existed at one time, but were now heavily over grown. So I followed some more traveled roads in hopes of achieving a similar route. My main concern is having the route on roads we all could figure out and not easily get lost on. So the map showed a large hill. I didn't know this large hill was just shy of being a mountain. The climb just kept going and going. Then at the top there is no gratifying look out, just lots of fir trees. The decent however was awesome. Really really fast with some wide winding turns and then just before you get onto a public road there's a sweet section of single track riddled with whoop-dee-dos and a creek crossing. The creek is about 7 feet wide and 7 inches deep. It's very rideable. But if you're going into it to quickly you're going OTB.

So after this portion I am debating on adding one semi difficult last short and steep climb. For me after 3 hours on the saddle I couldn't do the climb so I by-passed it. I can imagine what a short and steep climb will feel like after 5 hours in the saddle and I'm betting riders would prefer an easier way. The easier way is paved and is against all that this race is about. After the last climb it's flat with a nice long mellow down hill finishing at the starting point. So I'll debate with some people who've attempted this climb and see if a cross bike can do it.

Now since the route has been designed and traversed, it's time I attempted the route in one shot. I need to get the actual milage, real time gps route, and write down where every turn is per cumulative mileage.

Wish me luck! I might need two flasks for this.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


This weekend I went out both Saturday and Sunday in exploration. Figured out a pretty straight forward route and we'll be passing by another general store which should allow most of us to fuel up just in case we passed up the first store.

The roads this weekend were wet, soft, and icy in spots. Both rides covered me in mud and road grime. One plus of both rides, my new Showers Pass jacket did awesome, kept me dry and warm. My Lake boots however got soaked both rides. The views from these rides were great. Long rolling ridge lines, swollen creeks, snow mingling with green ferns and moss covered trees. It's no rolling fields of corn and soy beans, but the smells here help weigh in Oregon's beauty.

Another thing I have left out in my previous posts, a "ride" day date. April 16th is the day I have chosen. For those of you interested in riding the Mudslinger this would make for a great training ride. ;)

PS. would you like to see what the route will be?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

got lost, again.

Today I missed a turn on my recon ride and ended up finding very pretty views, but achieved little in discovering more of the route. Also I lost my Starker Forest permit and my Starker maps. All in all 4 hours on the saddle was a good time. I now have Tuesdays off now so I get to ride my bike and the route more frequently!

Something I missed in the previous post.
When you send your post card in, make sure you write your name on the post card.
Every other week I'll be posting the rider roster.